The FIRM "Monroe County Property Insurance Guide" was designed to be a general aid to consumers in making choices about property insurance in Monroe County and the Florida Keys.  Many residents are transplants who have never been required to carry windstorm or flood insurance, so the guide answers some basic questions about these products.  It is not meant to be a substitute for formal legal or regulatory advice provided by attorneys or insurance agents, or to advise on any individual choice or claim.

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Florida Division of Consumer Services: Premium Discounts for Hurricane Loss Mitigation
Taking certain mitigation steps to protect your home from hurricane-force winds will not only keep your family safe, but can result in discounts from your insurance company. Use this guide to learn more about premium discounts for hurricane loss mitigation.

Download the Premium Discounts for Hurricane Loss


INSURE U - Get Smart About Insurance is a public education program created by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to assist consumers with information about insurance issues.


The municipalities and unincorporated Monroe County are participating in a multi-jurisdictional approach on the NFIP/CRS Program for Public Information (PPI).  The discounts achieved so far are:

Unincorporated Monroe County - Class 5, 25% discount

Islamorada - Class 6, 20% discount

Layton - Class 6, 20% discount

Key West - Class 5, 25% discount

Marathon - Class 6, 20% discount

Key Colony Beach - Class 7, 15% discount


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As a Weather-Ready National Ambassador, FIRM is committed to working with NOAA and other Ambassadors to strengthen national resilience against extreme weather.

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Monroe County Floodplain Management


FEMA - Office of Flood Insurance Advocate - Advocacy, Assistance and Resources




City of Key West Floodplain Management

Florida Dept. of Financial Services

Division of Consumer Services - Advocating on behalf of Florida's Insurance Consumers


City of Marathon Floodplain Management

Florida Housing Finance Corp.

Disaster Relief Resources and Information:

Florida Hardest Hit Fund Programs, Foreclosure Counseling Program, State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP)


Monroe County Emergency Management