About FIRM

Where It All Started

FIRM was created to ensure fair insurance rates for Monroe County and the Florida Keys and was the first organized group of community activists to bring insurance inequities to the attention of the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation; to Florida’s Legislature, Cabinet and Governor; and to the Florida delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Our grassroots organization has grown from 32 active members to over 3,000, and we continue to welcome new members every day.


What We Affect

Property Insurance Coverage

Insurance Deductibles

Property Insurance Rates


What's Next?

We're dedicated to continuing our mission to ensure property insurance rates in Monroe County that are fair and affordable. We will always strive to sustain and support our Keys communities through physical and financial property protection from floods and storm damage.

In addition to our current cause, our future plans involve the development of a Federal National Catastrophe Program and/or a Coastal Catastrophe Plan.

Join The Effort

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