Mel Montagne, president of the board of Fair Insurance Rates for Monroe, updated the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners on FIRM’s 2023-24 projects and the recent Florida legislative session.

Mel Montagne

Speaking before the commissioners on April 17, Montagne highlighted FIRM’s lobbying efforts in Tallahassee. In 2023 FIRM worked to remove the flood insurance requirements for condominiums and were successful. He highlighted the unique situations in Monroe County that will continue to be priorities for FIRM during future legislative sessions.

Montagne was introduced by County Commissioner Michelle Lincoln, who praised FIRM’s work to protect Monroe County homeowners and businesses from excessive rate increases since its founding in 2006.

Montagne took a number of questions from commissioners at the end of his presentation and predicted higher rate increases as favorable Florida legislation entices private insurance companies to take advantage of money-making possibilities in the state. “They smell blood in the water,” Montagne said.

You can watch Montagne’s presentation here.

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