Citizens created a “depopulation” program that works with private market insurance companies interested in offering coverage to Citizens’ policyholders.

State-approved take-out companies can offer to assume your Citizens policy at any time during your policy period. This offer means you no longer are limited to receiving coverage from a government-created insurance company.

Qualifications for remaining with Citizens:

  • If you are eligible to remain with Citizens, and wish to do so, your choice must be registered with Citizens by the date indicated on your Offer Form. If a choice is not registered, Citizens will assign your policy to the private-market company that offered the lowest estimated premium.
  • There no longer is a 30-day post assumption period during which you can return to Citizens. Once the assumption occurs, the policy transfer is final.
  • If you chose to remain with Citizens, you may receive additional assumption offers. You must respond to each offer to continue to remain with Citizens.
  • Florida law requires that Citizens submit renewal policies to its Property Insurance Clearinghouse to determine renewal eligibility. Rejecting an assumption offer will not exempt you from the clearinghouse.

Policies that receive an offer of coverage that is not more than 20% greater than Citizens’ premium are ineligible to remain with Citizens.

Visit the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation for a list of approved take-out companies.

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