Whether you’re new to the Keys or a seasoned storm survivor, it’s always a good idea to review your hurricane prep and evacuation plans early.

NOAA predicts a “near-normal” hurricane season, so lets hope that means not much action. Even so, we should always be prepared, so you’re ready for serious weather and weather that is more of an inconvenience.

Top tips to practice all season:

  • Don’t let your automobile’s gas tank dip below half.  That way you’re not wasting the precious fuel you have looking for a station that has gas.
  • Stock up on water–HINT:  it currently comes out of every faucet in your home! You don’t have to buy cases of wasteful water bottles, you can fill containers you have with water that is literally available at your fingertips!
  • Keep cash on hand. When the power goes out, so do the ATMs and the card swipers.
  • Clean the leaves out of your storm drains and gutters. Clogged drains and gutters can push water toward your property.  Let that stuff flow!
  • Be sure you have enough medications on hand for you and your family members–including your pet.
  • Check the BOGO offers every time you shop–buy your shelf stable items at a discount!

Preparedness Resources

There is no shortage of preparedness websites and apps, so take some time now to familiarize yourself with them. Find one that suits the needs of you and your family and the way you use (or don’t use) tech.




Lifewire: the 7 best emergency apps for 2023

National Assn. of Insurance Commissioners Home Inventory App

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office’s smartphone app keeps residents informed of emergency situations ranging from traffic accidents to hurricane evacuation.  The app is available for Android and IOS devices.

Vehicle Re-Entry Stickers

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office substations are no longer distributing hurricane reentry vehicle stickers.  The Monroe County Tax Collector’s office is responsible for providing reentry decals. Per Monroe County Emergency Management, residents may obtain one sticker for each registered vehicle by providing proof of residency at a Monroe county Tax Collector’s office.

Tax Collector Locations:

    • Key West – 1200 Truman Ave., Ste. 101 or the DMV at 3304 N. Roosevelt Blvd.
    • Marathon – 3015 Overseas Highway
    • Big Pine Key – 247 Key Deer Blvd. (Tuesday-Thursday 9 am-3 pm)
    • Plantation Key – 88800 Overseas Highway
    • Key Largo – 101487 Overseas Highway

For more information, visit Resident Reentry Windshield Sticker page on Monroe County’s website.

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