As the Legislative Session enters week five, FIRM is continuing to work with our state elected officials to address both the impacts of the recent flood insurance requirement and the lack of available coverage options for Monroe County residents.

Language has been included in both House and Senate condominium bills that would exempt (to various degrees) condominium owners from the new flood insurance requirements, and our elected officials are pushing to see that language passed. Last week, Rep. Mooney emphasized the crisis facing Monroe County during the Regulatory Reform & Economic Development Committee and urged his colleagues to make changes that will provide relief to homeowners.

As session continues, we will be pushing for revisions to the flood insurance requirements for Citizens policy holders, especially in areas like the Florida Keys where there is no reasonable degree of private competition, and for an increase in the Citizens coverage cap.

If the flood insurance requirement is causing you to consider dropping your Citizens windstorm insurance, please let our elected officials hear about it.  They need to hear our stories so they can share with their colleagues who may not understand that Monroe County doesn’t have private options for windstorm insurance. Click on the buttons below to contact Sen. Rodriguez and Rep. Mooney.

Sen. Rodriguez Rep. Mooney

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