On July 27, Senator Rubio, along with Senators Cornyn, Cruz, Cassidy, Kennedy, Wicker, and Hyde-Smith, sent a letter to FEMA, asking David Maurstad, FEMA’s Deputy Administrator, to more comprehensively explain Risk Rating 2.0’s methodology.

The letter, while asking for models, simulations, and additional information in user-friendly formats, states that “insufficient data has been disclosed” to date.

Additionally, the letter implores Maurstad to address concerns around transparency, levee treatment, affordability provisions, the Administrative Procedure Act, and more, while providing these responses publicly within 60 days.  The full letter, including the Senators’ questions in full, may be reviewed here.

According to recent FEMA data, NFIP policies-in-force have significantly fallen since their peak in 2009 at around 5.7M.  As of October 2021, when new policies were subject to the new rating methodology, there were 4,938,291 policies-in-force.

According to Coalition for Sustainable Flood Insurance analysis, between October 2021 and June 2022, NFIP participation nationwide has dropped by 8.15%.

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