Floridians are getting financial incentives to harden their homes against storms.

The Home Hardening Sales Tax Exemption and the reintroduction of the My Safe Florida Home Program came out of  the special session on the property insurance crisis in Florida.

Home Hardening Sales Tax Exemption

During the Florida Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors Sales Tax Exemption Period, homeowners may purchase impact-resistant windows, doors, and garage doors exempt from sales tax on retail sales. “Impact-resistant windows,” “impact-resistant doors,” and “impact-resistant garage doors” refer to windows, doors, and garage doors that are labeled as impact-resistant and have an impact-resistant rating.

The two-year tax exemption period begins on Friday, July 1, 2022, and ends on Sunday, June 30, 2024.

For more information, read the FAQs.

My Safe Florida Home

The My Safe Florida Home Program has two primary components: 1. Provide, free of charge, a home inspection that identifies recommended improvements a homeowner may take to mitigate hurricane damage. 2. Eligible homeowners within defined areas of the state may apply for a matching grant to perform work on their home to retrofit their properties to make them less vulnerable to hurricane damage.

This program existed several years ago and many homeowners in Monroe County took advantage of it.

The Department of Financial Services is still in the process of implementing the program. You can learn more about who’s eligible in the FAQs.

Visit the Florida CFO website to learn more about disaster preparedness.

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