**UPDATE: The application deadline is November 2, 2022

To build overall resilience into our Keys’ neighborhoods, Monroe County has opened their Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) grant program to assist homeowners with elevating or reconstructing their homes for increased resiliency. The application deadline is November 2, 2022, and potential applicants are encouraged to begin preparing now.

The FMA grant program funds states, and the states fund local governments to reduce the risk of repetitive flood damage to buildings and structures insured under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The Monroe County Land Authority will be assisting applicants from all municipalities and unincorporated Monroe County and will submit all applications to FEMA.

Application Requirements

Applicants must have flood insurance at the time of application and be willing to maintain flood insurance in perpetuity. The amount paid for such flood insurance is anticipated to be lower than what an existing premium may be.  Elevating greatly reduces flood risk.

The FMA grant has a match requirement between 10% to 25% which must be provided by the homeowner.

Elevating Structures

Buildings proposed for structure elevation must be structurally sound and capable of being elevated safely. While there is no federal maximum amount of funding for an elevation project, the project must be cost-effective.

Reconstructing Structures

Buildings proposed for reconstruction are typically those that are no longer structurally sound and cannot be elevated. Eligible federal share of construction costs is limited to $150,000/property.

Repetitive Loss Properties

An NFIP-insured structure that has had at least 2 paid flood losses of more than $1,000 each in any 10-year period since 1978 is considered a Repetitive Loss Property. These properties have a greater chance of receiving funding than those that have not had a loss.  In fact, repetitive loss properties increase the chances of the entire application packet being accepted by FEMA.

Homeowners with repetitive losses are strongly encouraged to submit an application.  Don’t know if your home is a repetitive loss property? Check your flood insurance policy for an RL prefix.

Learn more by visiting the County’s FMA Program website.

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