The special session wrapped up quicker than expected with lawmakers focusing on stabilizing the private market and combating roof claim fraud.

SB 2d “…limits attorney fees, sets up a $2 billion taxpayer-backed reinsurance fund and makes changes to how insurers cover roof damages. The provisions are designed to thwart what insurance companies say is driving their losses and therefore the large rate increases — spiking roof claims, lack of reinsurance and costly litigation,” according to an article in Florida Politics on line.

“The bill includes some consumer protections, such as a provision banning insurers from refusing to cover homes with a roof younger than 15 years old solely because of the age of the roof. Insurers will also be required to inspect damage on a home within 45 days of receiving a claim for non-hurricane damage.”

The bill also revives the My Safe Florida Home Program which could help thousands of homeowners get free home inspections and money to replace their windows, doors and roofs.

SB 4d included legislation aimed at preventing another tragedy like the Surfside condo collapse in June of 2021. The legislation would subject older condominium and cooperative buildings to routine inspections and end the ability of association boards to waive unit assessments needed to pay for maintenance and repairs.

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