On Thursday January 20, 2022 at 3 pm Monroe County will hold its 2nd community meeting to review updates to the County’s Floodplain Management regulations are related provisions.

Zoom connection info and draft proposals are available in the following hyperlink:   https://www.monroecounty-fl.gov/Calendar.aspx?EID=9294&month=1&year=2022&day=20&calType=0 

The drafting of these updates has been a coordinated inter-departmental effort (Building, Planning, Floodplain, Environmental, Legal), and has included the assistance of Lori Lehr, CRS Coordinator/Consultant; Engineers with Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions Inc. (on technical amendments); and representatives and consultants working for the Florida Division of Emergency Management (DEM).

This is an important task to ensure that our proposed updates are consistent with and to continue to fulfill the requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and that we maintain good standing in the NFIP program; to ensure we are consistent with DEM’s State Model Ordinance which is written to explicitly rely on the flood provisions in the Florida Building Code; and to ensure we continue to meet the Community Rating System (CRS) requirements and maintain our CRS score and insurance discounts. As a note, FEMA approved the State Model Ordinance in 2013 and DEM has been working with all of Florida’s 468 NFIP communities to transition to the State Model Ordinance. At this time, 10 communities, including Monroe County, are still preparing the required amendments to their existing regulations based on the State Model Ordinance. DEM serves as the State Coordinating Agency of the NFIP to work with Florida’s municipalities and counties to administer their local flood damage reduction regulations.

The County recently received FEMA’s determination that Monroe County will increase to a Class 3 in the NFIP CRS Program and qualify for a 35% discount on flood insurance premiums. In 2023, the County will have a CRS verification visit to ensure we have continued implementation of the CRS activities and that we remain NFIP compliant. For the 2023 CRS verification, DEM will be advising FEMA and the FEMA CRS contractor (ISO/Verisk) as to whether they deem our local floodplain regulations NFIP compliant (i.e., have we adopted amendments consistent with the State Model Ordinance).

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