Last week Citizens sent emails to its customers who have a special payment arrangement with Citizens due to COVID-19.

The email notified policyholders about Homeowner Assistance Fund pilot program sponsored by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) for the following policy types:

  • Citizens Homeowners 3 – Special Form (CIT HO-3)
  • Citizens Homeowners 8 – Modified Coverage Form (CIT HO-8)
  • Mobile Homeowners 3 – Special Form (CIT MHO-3)
  • Homeowners 2 – Wind-Only Form (HW-2)

The homeowners that were identified by Citizens who may be eligible for the program, received a follow-up letter from the Department of Economic Opportunity that advised them of the program and their potential eligibility. The letter includes a unique link and instructs the homeowners to access the webpage, verify information and upload a copy of their Citizens policy. Upon review of all submitted information, the Department of Economic Opportunity will then validate the homeowner’s eligibility for the program and make Citizens aware of any policyholders who are approved. Premium payments will be made directly to Citizens on behalf of the homeowner.

Citizens has identified the policyholders that may be eligible and has shared that information with the Department of Economic Opportunity and the Department has reached out to those policyholders. The funds may be used to assist with the payment of property insurance premiums under the Department of Economic Opportunity’s pilot program which currently is only available to homeowners who are insured by Citizens and are currently enrolled in a special premium payment arrangement with Citizens due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Homeowner Assistance Fund, created with funds provided by the American Rescue Act of 2021, is available to homeowners who own a primary residence, experienced a financial hardship after January 21, 2020 and meet the income eligibility criteria which has been determined by the Department of Economic Opportunity.

If you have questions about eligibility for premium payments or other benefits offered by the fund contact the DEO.

Learn more about the Homeowner Assistance Fund here.

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