The two graphs below show a portion of the sampling that FIRM rated using FEMA’s Risk Rating 2.0. In almost all cases, having an elevation certificate (EC) lowered the premium for the property.

FEMA claims that it’s internal data sets have accurately determined a structure’s first floor height, making elevation certificates unecessary.  However, this makes clear that in order to ensure accuracy, a homeowner should have an elevation certificate. The cost of having one done could be saved in one year’s premium.

Reece and Associates Land Surveying offers a discount on a residential EC to anyone who donates $100 to FIRM and a discount on a commercial EC to anyone who donates $500.  Any licensed surveyor can certify your property’s elevation.

rate comparison bar graphs $/%

The graph above shows a portion of the sampling from FIRM’s data analysis.  The yellow bar shows the dollar and percentage increase for the property with out an Elevation Certificate (EC), and the blue shows the increases using the Elevation Certificate.

current vs proposed premium bar graph

The graph above represents a portion of the sampling showing a $ comparison of current premium, Risk Rating 2.0 with an Elevation Certificate, and Risk Rating 2.0 without an Elevation Certificate.

In almost all cases the Elevation Certificate lowers the premium.

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