FIRM is grateful for the support of Greg Coldiron, who joined the ranks of Level 6 Donors. Coldiron announced his candidacy for the Marathon Council with a focus on supporting Marathon’s building, code and planning departments. His support of FIRM is in step with those concerns as it is a big part of FIRM’s mission to empower and educate residents on mitigation and preparedness methods.

FIRM began as a grassroots organization in 2006 to advocate for fair windstorm insurance rates and has since saved Monroe County policyholders close to $1b in premiums. In 2019 FIRM began collaborating with Monroe County and the municipalities, including Marathon, towards an analysis of FEMA’s proposed floodmaps for Monroe County. This summer Marathon, Key West, Islamorada and Monroe County all filed appeals of those maps.

FIRM is grateful for the contributions by Mr. Coldiron and other individuals, organizations, and local governments who support our efforts. Their support makes it possible for FIRM to advocate on behalf of all residents of Monroe County.

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