The Small County Coalition of Florida recently recognized Monroe County Legislative Affairs Director and FIRM Board member Lisa Tennyson, citing her outstanding leadership and support.

The Small County Coalition consists of 39 of Florida’s 67 counties working together to increase visibility and support to issues of primary concern to small counties and rural communities. Tennyson was honored at the recent Florida Association of County annual conference in Orlando.

“Lisa has demonstrated over a long time a keen understanding of government providing services to local constituents,” said Chris Doolin, executive director of the Small County Coalition. “She is unparalleled in her advocacy, tenacity, and expertise in gaining an extreme understanding of complex issues on a state and federal level. She has a high level of respect from her peers, and her extreme commitment and passion has not only helped Monroe County, but small counties and communities across Florida.”

In particular, Tennyson pushed for CARES Act funding for small counties, initially not included in statewide funding. In turn, Monroe County received more than $13 million for COVID-19 related response. The funding directly supported the community with rental, business, and nonprofit assistance, food distribution, and county, city, and constitutional officer emergency response.

“This is a well-deserved recognition for Lisa,” said Monroe County Administrator Roman Gastesi. “Her attendance and collaboration with the Small County Coalition has helped put Monroe County on the map statewide and has resulted in the successes we have had in Tallahassee.”

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