Over the last 10 years, Florida government has diverted over $2 billion out of existing affordable housing trust funds, and spent it on other unrelated projects. To make the process more accountable, Floridians are proposing a constitutional amendment that would put affordable housing funds in a lock box so they areĀ used for affordable housing, and nothing else.

This amendment would guarantee that the portion of the taxes charged on documents like deeds and mortgages will only be used to make homes and apartments safer and more affordable for seniors, low-income, and moderate-income Florida residents. The intended purpose of these funds is that they be used for housing programs, but for nearly two decades the legislative process has resulted in billions of these dollars being used for non-housing projects.

In 1992, seeing the ever increasing need for affordable housing, the Florida Legislature, along with community partners such as REALTORSĀ® and housing advocates, passed the Sadowski Act. This established a fund to aid affordable workforce housing programs throughout the state. Those monies are placed in the housing trust funds, which can be used by local governments to increase their stock of affordable workforce housing. You can learn more about what the money in the Sadowski Funds does to support Florida’s workforce here on the Housing Funds for Housing website.

The first step is to get the amendment on the ballot. Please visit the Housing Funds for Housing website to download and sign the petition.


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