By Ron Hurtibise, South Florida Sun Sentinel |
Jan 31, 2021 at 8:30 AM

Photo credit: Joe Raedle // Getty Images

Imagine having to deal with your Citizens claim following a storm without the assistance of your local agent.

In another move to attempt to reduce Citizens size and number of policies, “Carlos Beruff, a Sarasota area homebuilder and newly appointed chairman of Citizens’ board of directors, last week urged the board to consider severing its relationship with independent agents,” according to a story in the Sun Sentinel.

Servicing Citizens policies requires more work for agents for less commission. “If Citizens thinks they can provide the services [for the same expense] that an independent agent does at 7% commission, I think they will find out they are gravely mistaken,” said Ryan Papy, president of Palmetto Bay-based Keyes Insurance.

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