With the announcement of the comment period and the upcoming appeal period, Monroe County has updated its floodplain management website.

The County has included information for residents who may want to appeal the flood maps individually.

Any community or individual property owner can appeal proposed changes to flood hazard information or comment on other information included on the preliminary flood hazard maps, also known as Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and the preliminary Flood Insurance Study (FIS) report.  

Per FEMA, an appeal must be based on data and documentation showing the proposed flood hazard information shown on the preliminary FIRM or in the FIS report is scientifically or technically incorrect. Appellants need to demonstrate better methodologies, assumptions or data exists and provide alternative analyses that incorporate those methodologies, assumptions, or data if appropriate. The results must show an overall change in the flood hazard information shown on the preliminary FIRM and/or in the FIS report.

Formal appeals of the Preliminary Maps to areas in Unincorporated Monroe County must be submitted to FEMA through Monroe County.  Both the FEMA MT -2 and Monroe County appeal applications with all proposed changes must be submitted along with the data and documentation supporting proposed changes. 

These appeals will have a $170 nonrefundable application fee and a $5,000 deposit required to be submitted as part of the application. The $5,000 deposit will be held in escrow and the money from this deposit will be used on an as-required basis by the County’s consultant in marshaling the individual appeal. At the conclusion of the appeal, any remainder of the deposit will be returned to the Applicant.   

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