As we prepare for FEMA to announce the beginning of the appeal period for the new flood maps for Monroe County, the City of Key West has updated it floodplain management website.

Click on the link above to be taken to the main Floodplain Management page on the City’s website. From there click on “Flood Maps” in the column to the left to expand the menu. From there click on “New Flood Maps” to see the updates.

There you’ll find status updates for the maps. Also you’ll see on the left hand column a comment section. FEMA has opened its comment period for residents to make comments about incorrect street names and places, but not technical issues or prior flooding. The City of Key West is gathering Public Comment for forwarding to FEMA – as is standard procedure with new flood maps.

Floodplain Manager Scott Fraser has added an additional layer to the City’s impact maps for those who want to see the actual FEMA maps for each panel.

If you really want to take a deep dive into the flood maps, from the City’s website click on View FEMA’s Preliminary Flood Maps and City’s Impact Maps heading, which will take you away from the City’s website and follow instructions below.

This new layer (see red arrow) can be toggled on, bringing up the fuchsia colored panel grid.
Click on any grid and the pop-up menu has a link to view the attached file.
The attachment for each grid is the FEMA preliminary map for that panel.

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