So what’s going on with those flood maps?

FEMA has yet to announce that an appeal period has begun, and Monroe County, the municipalities and consultants Woods Hole Group and Ransom Consulting are taking advantage of the time to analyze the preliminary maps.

FEMA delivered the preliminary maps in January 2020 with a tentative 90-day appeal period beginning in the summer. COVID-19 has forced that declaration to be put on hold with no update as to when it might begin.

Since June, FIRM has been working with the City of Key West and the consultants as they review the data used to develop the maps. Meanwhile, Woods Hole Group has been working on the analysis for the other municipalities and unincorporated Monroe County.

The consultants use the National Weather Service supercomputer to run their models, so the busy storm season has caused some delays. However, a final report is expected in December unless it’s determined that another storm set may be added.

FIRM’s advice as always is to be prepared by knowing your flood zone and getting an elevation certificate. You can learn how to do that on our website here. FIRM also recommends that you purchase flood insurance if you haven’t already. You may eligible now for a preferred risk policy. You can learn more about purchasing insurance here.

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