Through their annual membership renewal this year KWAR raised $14,350 for FIRM. FIRM President Mel Montagne recently spoke to KWAR’s General Membership Meeting via Zoom to update them on the status of FIRM’s flood and windstorm efforts.

Montagne also thanked KWAR’s President Robin Mitchell, President-Elect Jaime Caballero, Education Chair Sara Hallett, CEO Darla Frye-Guevremont and the Board and membership for their unwavering support notwithstanding our current national crisis.

Flood and windstorm insurance rates affect property values and housing affordability in the Keys. All the Realtors in Monroe County are keenly aware of these topics and are in the forefront in advocating for fair and affordable insurance.

FIRM greatly appreciates KWAR’s commitment and willingness to stand shoulder to shoulder in the fight for fair insurance rates for the residents of Monroe County.

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