FIRM is partnering with the City of Key West, Monroe County, and the UF/IFAS Monroe County Extension on a project aimed at helping homeowners navigate the process of elevating their home.

The team hopes to attract interest from low- to mid-income housing levels, but all homeowners, regardless of income, are encouraged to participate. There is no cost to participate in the education project and no obligation to elevate. The goal is to create well-educated customers and to support efforts to build a more resilient community.

Summaries are being created of recent home elevations throughout the county to help familiarize homeowners with the nuts and bolts of elevating a structure. Various types of construction and situations are represented so that homeowners can pinpoint a project most similar to what theirs may be like.

A series of Keyswide workshops will explain the elevation process and answer questions from the public. All are encouraged to attend the informative sessions to begin to develop an idea of what is involved. Dates for the workshops will be announced later.

Following the workshops technical advisors with expertise in construction and in finance will meet with interested homeowners by appointment to work through needs specific to their project and financing. The homeowner will leave these meetings with a thorough understanding of the actual work that would be needed should they choose to elevate and what options they have for financing the project.

If after completing these steps homeowners decide that the project is still out of range for them, they are under no obligation to elevate.

The final phase is to organize a bidding co-op group among the participants who have decided to elevate. The purpose is to to help the co-op group receive competitive pricing by combining their construction timelines to create an economy of scale.

If you are interested in finding out what it takes to elevate your home; if you have elevated your home and would like to share your experience with others; or if you are in the construction industry and would like offer technical assistance, please complete the form below.

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