MONROE COUNTY, FL – Monroe County will be hosting its first series of meetings about new state requirements and discussing draft language for the Comprehensive Plan’s Coastal and Conservation Element. The meetings will summarize the County’s efforts related to disaster recovery, storm risk and sea level rise as they relate to future updates of the Comprehensive Plan. The County would like to hear from the public about these draft Comprehensive Plan changes. Meetings will be held:

  • March 17:  5:30-7:30 at the Marathon Government Center 
  • March 18:  5:30-7:30 at the Harvey Government Center in Key West
  • March 23:  5:30-7:30 at the Nelson Government Center in Key Largo

In 2015, Florida’s Growth Policy Act was amended to require local governments to address what is called the “Peril of Flood.” The new law requires that local governments must have Coastal Elements in its Comprehensive Plans and include a redevelopment component that outlines principles to eliminate inappropriate and unsafe development in the coastal areas when opportunities arise. The law requires policy language in the Comprehensive Plan that addresses high-tide events, storm surge, flash floods, stormwater runoff, and the related impacts of sea-level rise.

“Monroe County has several planning efforts underway that address redevelopment related to disaster recovery, storm risk and sea level rise,” said Michael Roberts, Monroe County Assistant Director of Environmental Resources. “These planning efforts will provide much needed information that will assist the County in its updates to comply with these new State requirements.”

Last year, Monroe County received a grant from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Coastal Resiliency Program to start these required updates to the Comprehensive Plan. 

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