In August 2019, FEMA released the Draft Working Maps, which indicate significant flood zone changes in the Florida Keys and, if left unchanged, likely will result in higher insurance rates throughout the county and the incorporated cities.

Local governments and Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe (FIRM) have reviewed the Draft Working Maps and have filed comments with FEMA. Those comments include errors and inconsistencies found in the data.

The Draft Working Maps indicate generally higher base flood elevations (BFE) and significant numbers of properties moving from low- or no-risk zones into higher risk flood zones. Those changes would, if left unchallenged, likely result in significantly higher flood insurance rates.

FIRM is working through its consultant, Ransom Consulting. The county has its own consultant, The Woods Hole Group. These consultants are experienced with the flood map appeals process and are reviewing the processes and data used by FEMA to create the Draft Working Maps.

What’s the timeline?

August 2019: Draft Working Maps released: After the August 2019 meetings, FEMA sent the county and Key West hard drives with the data behind the draft maps.

December 2019: Preliminary Maps released: The Preliminary Maps were scheduled for release on Dec. 27. Public workshops will follow.

January 2020: FEMA holds a series of public meetings in early-mid-January 2020 to discuss the Preliminary Maps.

January-June 2020: FEMA expects to publish a notice in the Federal Register to begin the official 90-day map appeal period. The Federal Register notice could appear as early as January, but most likely not until May or June. The notice must also be accompanied by two local newspaper announcements.

Fall 2020: Most likely in September 2020 the appeal period will close. Appeals with all accompanying technical and scientific data must be submitted through local governments.

Early 2021: Most likely in early 2021, after all appeals are resolved, FEMA will issue a letter of final determination commencing a six-month period for communities to adopt the new flood maps.

New maps effective mid-late 2021

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