Have you ever had an insurer tell you that they won’t cover a loss to due an exclusion you didn’t even know was in your policy?

United Policyholders, a non-profit whose mission is to be a trustworthy and useful information resource and a respected voice for consumers of all types of insurance in all 50 states, has created a Home Insurance Check UP with a list of questions to ask your insurance agent to be sure your policy is up to date and your coverage is adequate.

1. Will this policy be adequate if I have a total or large loss? Will it cover the cost of rebuilding my home to its pre-loss condition, including demolition, debris removal and replacement of the foundation and roof to current building code standards?

2. What causes of loss are not covered?

3. What discounts do you offer and how do I qualify for them?

4. What items are subject to limits or exclusions and for which of these limits or exclusions should I consider adding coverage?

5. How much can I save if I increase my deductible? Is there more than one deductible in the policy? Is the deductible waived if there is a large loss?

6. Is my Coverage C (Personal Property) for Replacement or Actual Cash Value? If replacement value is not included, what would it cost to add this coverage?

7. What are my options for insuring my home-based business property and operations?

8. Do I have enough coverage to replace my unique or special items such as electronics, piano, jewelry, fine art, oriental rugs, wine, collectibles, etc.?

9. For how long will my temporary rent and related expenses be covered while my home is being repaired or rebuilt after a loss? Is there a total dollar cap, monthly cap or time limit on this coverage? Do you offer a policy with two years of Additional Living Expense coverage?

10. If someone sues me, will my liability coverage pay for legal fees?

11. Is my Coverage E (Personal Liability) limit enough to protect my assets and future income? If not, what does umbrella coverage cost?

12. What if construction costs jump as they often do after disasters?

13. Will my insurance cover the cost to upgrade electrical, plumbing and other building codes upgrades if I have to make repairs or rebuild my home?

14. Are there limits in this policy on replacing property if there’s a need to match or if damage is considered cosmetic only?

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