FEMA released new DRAFT coastal flood maps on Aug. 22, 2019. These maps, after an extensive vetting process, will eventually replace the current flood maps. The current maps were based on 30-plus-year-old studies.  While FEMA has emphasized that these are only draft maps, Monroe County wants to ensure all residents and business owners are aware of the potential for a change in flood risk for their property.  As a result, Monroe County Building Department will be requiring an additional page to be signed with permits that acknowledge the issuance of these new DRAFT coastal flood maps and the fact that these maps may indicate a future change to the required elevation of a building currently being permitted.

Preliminary coastal flood maps are expected early next year, followed by an official 90-day Public Comment Period. The new final coastal flood maps are then expected to be issued in 2021, which is when changes in building and flood insurance requirements and costs will take effect.

Timeline Chart for FEMA re-mapping

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