On June 19, 2019 Citizens presented a revised rate filing to its Board of Governors. Citing its success in getting legislation to address the Assignment of Benefits (AOB) fraud, Citizens withdrew its January filing and presented a new filing unanimously approved by the Board of Governors.

According to Citizens press release “Taking the changes into account, nearly 44,000 additional homeowners, condo unit owners, dwelling and mobile homeowners policyholders will see rate decreases with a total of more than 67,000 seeing decreases for 2019. Many others will see less significant rate increases.” The change for most Monroe policyholders is a decrease from January’s filing of .3%–about $10-$20/policy/year. FIRM opposes this proposed rate increase, as it opposed the January filing, on the grounds that Citizens has not completed the analyses ordered by Commissioner Altamier following the 2017 rate hearing.

FIRM’s opposition to the proposed 2017 rate increase convinced Florida’s Insurance Commissioner to freeze rates for Monroe County until Citizens completed a series of analyses. Citizens has not yet completed “an evaluation and study of the models accepted by the Florida Commission on Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology using the 2017 standards, which includes the requirement that the county building codes be reflected in the model results.” FIRM contends that Monroe County has the strictest building codes in the state.

As a result of FIRM’s efforts in 2017 and delays in increases due to Irma and Michael, Monroe County has not seen an increase in over two years, resulting in additional savings to policyholders of approximately $15 million.

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