At the February 20, 2019 meeting of the Board of County Commissioners at the Harvey Government Center in Key West, the Commissioners will  be considering three agenda items FIRM feels its members should be aware of due to the potential impact of these items on flood insurance rates and flood zone driven constuction requirements.  The items will be presented at approximately 10:30 am and are as follows

Agenda Item J.3 deals with hiring a data and modeling expert to support a potential challenge.  FIRM feels this is an essential need and is in the process of hiring similar technical support.

Agenda Item J.4 deals with a recommendation by County staff to use new preliminary maps rather than final maps as the basis for building code decisions.

Agenda Item J.5 deals with a proposal to require two additional feet of freeboard, beyond that required by the Florida Building Code, on all new construction and “substantial renovations”

In the coming months FEMA will provide draft flood maps to the County and Municipalities for a 30-day technical review period and the opportunity to submit information that could improve or correct the draft maps.

Later this year FEMA will provide preliminary maps for public review.  There will be a 90-day window in which to challenge the preliminary maps.  Challenge requirements are rigorous and must be based on technical or scientific data.

Any person who wishes to be heard shall provide the Clerk with his or her name and residence and the agenda item on which he or she wishes to be heard.  Such information shall be on a card provided by the County.

The full agenda items are posted below for your information. Contact information for the County Commission is available on the County’s website.

RFP Agenda Item

LIMWA. adoption from preliminary maps

Freeboard Commision Discussion Item

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