Debris and rubble are seen on a street after Hurricane Michael hit in Mexico Beach, Florida, on Friday, Oct. 12, 2018. (Photo: Zack Wittman/Bloomberg)

As he did following Hurricane Irma, Governor Scott has ordered Florida Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier to freeze all potential property insurance rate increases for 90 days to allow Hurricane Michael victims time to assess their damages and begin the recovery process.

For Monroe County this means that our Citizens rates have not increased since February of 2017, and at 90 days from Hurricane Michael’s landfall, that will be an almost two year run.

In August 2017 FIRM representatives and Monroe County residents attended the Citizens Rate Hearing and submitted written testimony testifying that Monroe County’s windstorm rates are unaffordable and discriminatory. After Hurricane Irma made landfill in September, Governor Scott ordered all rates to be frozen for 90-days which delayed Commissioner Altmaier’s  decision on the rate filing.  Once that period passed Commissioner Altmaier ordered that Monroe County’s residential windstorm rates be frozen in order for Citizens to complete analyses based on the testimony of FIRM and residents of Monroe County at the August rate hearing.

In June of 2018 the Citizen Board of Governors met to review Citizens rate recommendations before presenting them to the Office of Insurance Regulation.  Based on recommendations from Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis and Citizens Governor Bette Brown of Monroe County, the full Board agreed not to recommend any rates for 2019 at that time to allow Hurricane Irma victims more time to recover. The Board was to meet again in December to discuss the 2019 rates. This latest order by Governor Scott will delay the consideration of those rates even further.

Read a more detailed article regarding the Governor’s orders and steps being taken to assist survivors: freezes insurance rates after massive damage from Michael

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