Monroe County Emergency Management provides assistance to eligible persons with physical or mental disabilities who may require special assistance during mandatory evacuations and emergency sheltering.

To receive this assistance, an eligible person must register in advance with Monroe County’s Special Needs Registry.

For information about the registry and for the registry’s application, visit Monroe County Emergency Management Special Needs Registry page on the County’s website.

Eligible conditions for the assistance include, but are not limited to, being dependent on supplemental oxygen; limited mobility, needing assistance with daily activities such as feeding, medications and hygiene; moderate dementia, cognitive impairment; immobile or wheelchair bound; in need of wound care; and/or in need of constant supervision.

It is extremely important that we remember this segment of our population. If you know someone who you believe might need extra help preparing for a storm or evacuation, including a person who relies on a service animal, make it part of your emergency plan to step up on their behalf.

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