Flooding on North Bay Homes Drive in Coconut Grove in an undated photo. The street was the subject of a new report with a series of neighborhood selected recommendations to keep the area dry in the face of sea level rise.
Contributed to the Herald

A group of neighbors in Coconut Grove is living with  daily flooding during rainy season, and they’re looking at some unique solutions to the problem.  Everything is being considered from building a small wastewater treatment plant to replacing the asphalt road with a pervious paving material.  Of course money and current regulations are stumbling blocks, but the approach is that of finding solutions by thinking outside the box.

“If you don’t know how to identify the policy barriers and challenge them, these ideas will sit on the shelf and gather dust. We can’t have that,” said Walter Meyer, head of Local Office Landscape Architecture, the firm that held community meetings and put together the plan. “We need solutions.”

Read the full Miami Herald article here:  Miami street blueprint for sea level rise 6-28-18

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