ROB O’NEAL/The Citizen Florida Governor Rick Scott speaks to a small group of city officials Friday afternoon at City Hall about hurricane preparedness during a visit to the Keys with State Rep Holly Raschien and Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam.

June 11, 2018

Governor Rick Scott held a brief press conference Friday in Key West to update recovery efforts from Hurricane Irma and urge residents to be prepared as we enter this year’s storm season.

Scott touted the $1.4 billion that has been allocated to Florida for recovery, including a recent allocation of $616 million that will largely address housing issues in the areas hit hardest by Irma, including the Keys.

There will be cabinet meetings this week to address workforce housing issues, he said.

The approximately five minute address inside a conference room at City Hall was both an update on last year and a warning for this season.

“Everybody’s got to be ready,” he said.

Scott was joined by Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam and State House Rep Holly Raschein, who had similar imploring messages to be prepared.

“Floridians tend to measure their time here in our state by the names of storms and nobody knows that better than the Conchs,” Putnam said. “Every single storm is different. No matter how many notches you have in your belt…that doesn’t mean you’re going to continue to be lucky.”

ROB O’NEAL/The Citizen
Key West City Commissioner Clayton Lopez, right, welcomes Florida Governor Rick Scott to the podium Friday afternoon at City Hall on White Street.

Raschein knocked on wood for luck as she discussed another storm impacting the Keys, but said we’ll be prepared if one comes.

Residents need to prepare a emergency plan and stick with it, stock up on supplies and listen to professionals in the event of another hurricane, Putnam said.

The brief event was also attended by city staff and city commissioners Richard Payne, Margaret Romero and Clayton Lopez, who introduced the Governor.

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