FIRM’s motion for the full First District Court of Appeal (DCA) to reconsider refusing the right of policyholders to challenge the Office of Insurance Regulation approved Citizens’ rates was denied last week.  Certification of the issue as a matter of significant public importance was also denied.  The next step would be to appeal to the Florida Supreme Court.  FIRM’s Board of Directors has decided that the non-profit’s limited funds will be spent more effectively seeking legislative solutions to the problem of unaffordable and discriminatory windstorm insurance rates in Monroe County.

Windstorm insurance rates for the Keys are the highest in the State and as an area of Critical State Concern, limited building permits and buildable property make housing costs less affordable in the County than almost anywhere else in the country.

FIRM has contracted with lobbying firm Capitol Access in Tallahassee for assistance in getting its message to the Legislature and Cabinet members, many of whom enjoy spending time in the Florida Keys.  “The statute enabling the creation of Citizens, the quasi-governmental insurance carrier of last resort, mentions the word ‘affordable’ six times in the first paragraph of the legislation,” explained FIRM’s President Mel Montagne. “It will be one of our priorities to ask the Legislature to define this concept and hold Citizens accountable.”

The full story including video of the oral arguments and all actions filed can be found on our website here.

The denial of a proposed rate increase for 2018 was a hard-fought win for FIRM and Monroe County that will save Monroe County policyholders $4 Million in 2018 alone. However, the struggle against unjustifiably high rates continues.  In addition to financial support, FIRM needs the renewed membership of Monroe County residents to show that this is a unified countywide grassroots effort.

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