The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners directed County staff to work on adding a second 180-day extension period to its Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code for permits to place temporary trailers on private property for emergency housing after a natural or manmade disaster in unincorporated Monroe County.  These permits are issued by the County Building Department. The current regulations allow for a 180-day permit with one 180-day extension if homeowners provide documentation they are moving forward on repairs or rebuilding of their damaged or destroyed home.

The Commissioners also addressed the issue of people living in FEMA trailers. Even with the extension, FEMA requires that all FEMA-issued trailers must be transported out of Monroe County by June 1, 2018, the start of hurricane season, due to federal floodplain policy. The Commission directed County staff to set up a meeting with FEMA and State officials to discuss this issue.

People who could become displaced out of a FEMA trailer due to this rule could put a private trailer in its place or seek rental assistance or direct lease with FEMA if they are eligible.

There is also possible help for people trying to find housing or get help with rebuilding efforts through non-profits and government programs. Contact Matt Massoud with Monroe County Social Services at

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