Hurricane survivors commonly struggle with PTSD and other forms of mental disorder following the storm.  Even those who did not suffer structural damage may be experiencing survivor’s guilt and compassion fatigue.  However, these responses to the storm and its aftermath shouldn’t be considered “disorders.”  We are all having normal reactions to abnormal situations.

There are professional counselors in Monroe County who can help if you or someone you know is struggling during this time.  Sarah Brawer is a therapist based in Marathon who attended FIRM’s Flood Mitigation Workshop.  Sarah has reached out to the FIRM staff  about this issue, and has offered her services to either treat or help people connect with trained therapists throughout the Keys.  Her email address is  Mindy Agler is another therapist who has reached out to FIRM who runs a post-Irma support group in Tavernier.  Her email address is

When everything seems to be so unrelenting and overwhelming, we often ignore the fact that we need help coping, or we tell ourselves we don’t have the time or energy or the money.  Rebuilding your emotional well-being is as important as rebuilding your home.  In fact, you will be far more successful with the latter if you tend to the former.  Most therapists accept insurance, and many support groups are free of charge of donation based.  We need to be #KeysStrong inside and out.


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