There are important steps to follow when filing a FEMA claim.  The initial Proof of Loss filing requirement was previously 60 days, but is being extended to one year from the date of the hurricane for Irma and Harvey survivors.

When the adjuster visits and assesses your flood damage, he/she will work with you to document your claim, and submit a report for consideration to the insurance company. The payment amount will be determined after the insurer reviews the report. However, you will need a Proof of Loss (deadline to submit is one year from the date of the flood loss) if you find additional flood damage; if you disagree with what the insurance company pays you; or if your contractor’s estimate is more than the estimate on the initial report sent to the insurance company.

Even though the adjuster offers assistance to you with your claim, the responsibility to promptly report your loss, timely submit the Proof of Loss and the payment amount requested, is solely yours.  Click on the document link below to read FEMA’s Flood Claim Process Fact Sheet, print it, and keep with your Irma file.

NFIP Flood Claim Process

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