In Monroe County, FEMA is offering a new Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power program known as STEP. This grant program only has been implemented twice before – after Superstorm Sandy in the Northeast and following flooding in and around Baton Rouge, La.  The program is available to all residents of Monroe County and municipalities, and is being managed by the County for all locations.

STEP is a rapid repair program which enables eligible individuals or families whose homes were damaged due to Hurricane Irma to take shelter in their own homes while they rebuild. This includes a functional kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area and air-conditioning for this livable area of the home. The program is at no cost to the homeowner, and is capped at $20,000, which does not count against any Individual Assistance Funds from FEMA.

You must be registered with FEMA at .  The deadline for registering is November 14, 2017.

Visit the Monroe County website STEP Program information page for details and registration information or  call the STEP hotline at 1-800-960-5860. It is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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