The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners is holding a Special Meeting about “Housing Recovery Strategies” in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma on Wednesday, November 29 at 10:00 am. The meeting is available on Comcast channel 76 or on MCTV on the Monroe County website.  Agenda items include:

  • A presentation of the Monroe County Housing Strategy Document called “The Florida Keys – Rising Above Recovery.” The document was prepared by the Housing Task Force that includes County and city staff) and it has been shared with the State and Federal partners assisting the County with housing recovery efforts. The document briefly explains and highlights the unique Florida Keys and potential strategies to target for rebuilding a resilient housing stock.
  • A presentation of Hurricane Irma structural damage. This will be followed by a discussion and direction on potential mitigation opportunities (State and Federal Grants) for disaster-specific programs potentially available to the County for the purpose of facilitating recovery from Hurricane Irma.
  • Discussion and direction on potential comprehensive plan amendments to incentivize and prioritize the provision of workforce housing after the significant damage caused by Hurricane Irma.
  • A presentation of Code Compliant Small Modular Units as an affordable alternative housing solution on scattered sites throughout Monroe County.
  • The Land Authority also will hold a discussion of land acquisition strategies for securing workforce housing sites after Hurricane Irma.

The complete agenda and backup information is available on the County website 

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