The 21st Century Flood Reform Act (H.R. 2874) is set to move to the floor of the US House of Representatives for a vote this week.  This legislation is part of a package of bills from the House Financial Services Committee that was introduced this summer.

FIRM has had concerns all along that this bill does not address what we believe to be the most significant issues with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which are affordability, mitigation and the integrity of the NFIP.

Instead FIRM supports H.R. 3285, the Sustainable, Affordable, Fair and Efficient (SAFE) NFIP Act,  which is co-sponsored by Florida Senators Nelson and Rubio.  Congressman Carlos Curbelo is a co-sponsor of the House companion bill.

FIRM has written a letter to Congressman Curbelo thanking him for cosponsoring the (SAFE) NFIP Act and asking him to oppose the legislation that will come to the floor this week.  We ask our members to do the same.  Please email Congressman Curbelo and let him know that you support the (SAFE) NFIP Act that is more consumer friendly than the H.R. 2874 bill’s approach.

You can read FIRM’s letter to Congress Curbelo here FIRM Curbelo NFIP Letter November 2017

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