Today on Monroe County Emergency Management’s blog, there is an article about “substantial damage” assessments, as defined by the National Flood Insurance Program.

Substantial damage applies to a damaged structure in a Special Flood Hazard Area for which the total cost of repairs is 50 percent or more of the structure’s adjusted market value before the disaster occurred, regardless of the cause of damage.  It’s important to know the percentage of structural damage because that information helps property owners decide whether to repair or replace a damaged dwelling, and whether additional work will be needed to comply with local codes and ordinances.

The article is lengthy, but it is an excellent source of detailed information regarding the assessment process, a homeowner’s right to appeal the community building official’s decision, and an outline of permit requirements.  We encourage you to read the full article on the blog .  You can  also find a PDF/printable version here: County Substantial Damage Assessment and Floodplain Regulations

It’s important as we rebuild that we do so with strength and resiliency in mind.  We are fortunate to have strong floodplain management in the County and in the municipalities.  These managers have been working hard to earn our Community Rating System (CRS) credits, and their knowledge will help us bounce back stronger than before.

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