The Key West Citizen reported that the Monroe County Commission is supporting Federal legislation to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  There are currently two packages making their way through Congress.

Senate Bill 1368 and HR 3285 are known as the Safe Affordable Fair and Efficient NFIP (SAFE-NFIP)–not a different proposal as reported in the article– and are co-sponsored by Sens. Nelson and Rubio in the Senate and Congressman Curbelo in the House.  In his letter to Congressman Curbelo, Monroe County Mayor George Neugent calls the SAFE-NFIP “more consumer friendly” and urges Congressman Curbelo to continue to oppose the bill approved by the House Financial Services Committee also known as the 21st Century Flood Reform Act.

FIRM has worked closely with Monroe County, Florida Association of Counties, and Members of Congress and their staff to advocate for reauthorization of the NFIP that provides sustainable and affordable flood insurance. Below are links to the Key West Citizen Article and FIRM’s previous post which features links to the SAFE-NFIP section-by-section breakdown and FIRM’s issues with the 21st Century Flood Reform Act. insurance program could cost Keys 

FIRM has concerns about House flood insurance package


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