According to an article in the Insurance Journal, Florida’s coast is experiencing the effects of sea level rise now, with predictions of the rise occurring at an increasing rate. While the article paints a dire picture for some parts of Florida, residents in Monroe County have witnessed this over the years and are already preparing.  Many have begun to elevate and floodproof their properties, and local governments and other stakeholders, like FIRM, have been working together to protect the County’s residents through the Community Rating System, the FEMA remapping project, canal restoration, and sustainability projects.

It is more important than ever to take action to reduce our flood insurance costs, protect our properties, and sustain our community’s economic stability. If you’re thinking about what you can do to elevate or floodproof your property, attend FIRM’s Flood Mitigation Workshops.  The next workshops are scheduled for January 16-18 in Key West, Marathon and Key Largo, and will focus on elevation and dry and wet floodproofing techniques.

The water will rise, and so will we!

Read the full article here: Scientists- Sea Level Rise Accelerating Along Florida Coast

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