In her series The Key West Housing Story, Key West Citizen contributor Katie Truax-Alexander explores dry floodproofing as a mitigation option and urges Monroe County citizens to pay attention to National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) developments this year.  For her article, Truax-Alexander interviewed FIRM Flood Insurance Committee Chair Michael Larson along with FIRM Board Member and Director of Legislative Affairs for Monroe County Lisa Tennyson.

Dryfloodproofing methods are utilized by commercial buildings, and while premium savings are not available for residential structures, homeowners should consider such methods to lessen their financial exposure.  FIRM is hosting a series of Flood Mitigation Workshops:  Keeping Your Head Above Water beginning this Thursday, March 30 in the Nelson Government Center in Key Largo.  There will be another workshop in Key West on April 6 at the Harvey Government Center and at the Marathon Government Center on April 11.  The focus of these workshops is to how to determine your flood zone and how to obtain an elevation certificate.  Future workshops are planned that will  address wet and dry floodproofing and the ultimate mitigation:  elevating the structure.

Read the full article here:  The Key West Housing Story, Part 6 – Mitigation

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