FIRMKeys is holding a series of Flood Mitigation workshops throughout Monroe County free of charge for Monroe County residents.

The first workshop is in Key Largo at the Murray Nelson Government Center on March 30, followed by Key West on April 6 at the Harvey Government Center, and finishing in Marathon at the Marathon Government Center on April 11th.  All workshops will be held in the Board of County Commissioners Chambers from 5:30-7:30 pm, and refreshments will be provided.  Each attendee will receive a personalized property binder with workshop curricula and room to add additional information about your property.

The workshops are funded in part by grants from the Community Foundation of the Florida Keys and the City of Marathon.  The focus of these workshops is to define the FEMA flood zones and to encourage homeowners to obtain elevation certificates.  We will also be discussing Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA), disaster preparedness, and the reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program.  Floodplain professionals from the municipalities and unincorporated Monroe will be on hand to answer questions.

These workshops are the first in a series of workshops that will go into increasing depth in helping residents take charge of protecting their investment and future.  Future workshops will discuss both wet and dry floodproofing measures, developing elevation strategies, and pre- and post-disaster funding options.

“FIRM recognizes that understanding FEMA’s guidelines and procedures can seem overwhelming,” explained FIRM Board Member and Flood Insurance Committee Chairperson Michael Larson.  “People are concerned about the cost of flood insurance and how that affects their ability to stay in the Keys and the potential resale value of their homes.  We believe that residents, floodplain managers, contractors, lenders, and all stakeholders in Monroe County can work together with common goals to solve these complex issues.”



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