The RIPP has completed home inspections and volunteers are no longer
being sought. The project is now in the data analysis phase. FIRM will
provide updates on the project as soon as they happen. This page
remains here to provide background information about the project.




CITIZENS Insurance has asked FIRM to prove that Monroe County building construction standards are the state’s highest. Once proven, they WILL reduce our rates! However this requires a carefully controlled study of Keys construction.

A FIRM project to do just that is already underway. We have put together an FAQ (“frequently asked questions”) document that will fill you in on all of the details, including the fact that there is NO RISK and NO COST to you to help with the study. Here is the FAQ:


If your home is inspected you will get a FREE professional report of the state of your home’s hurricane readiness, suitable to compare with your insurance agent’s official mitigation documentation on your home. This can tell you whether you should ALREADY be eligible for lower rates. Such reports are not cheap. Have you wondered what you’ve got but didn’t want to gamble that a paid report wouldn’t find anything worhtwhile? Join this project and you could get it free…

But we do have a dire need for help finding homeonwners who will volunteer to participate. PLEASE help accomplish this by VOLUNTEERING FOR THE STUDY. (As mentioned, there is NO OBLIGATION imposed.)

By watching for the post-card (pictured below) from us and RESPONDING as directed.

Click the pic for a larger PDF of the card that shows both sides.

Check out this letter to the editor from the Key West Citizen: CLICK
And these email and social media accolades: CLICK


Even our Keys Florida State Representative has expressed her sentiments…

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