This Senate Vote is crucial.
Passing the right legislation is crucial to preserving our homes and our communities.
They need to hear, in your own words, how the skyrocketing Flood Insurance Rates are destroying our way of life.
Tell the Senate about the inability to keep your home, the inability to keep your business, the inability to continue living here as a school teacher, a law enforcement officer, a first responder, a small business owner, a retiree on a fixed income, a fisherman, a tourism-based worker, or whatever you may do for a living. No region of the country can survive without these essential and diverse components, and neither can we.
The skyrocketing Flood Insurance Rates make it impossible for the hard working people of Monroe County to stay, and they are destroying our financial future by plummeting the equity and re-sale value of our homes and the economic viability our businesses.
To tell your own personal story to the Senate now in your own words, click here.
This vote is critical to our survival.

Click here to see the eblast.

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